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JSN Mobilize comes with both Free and PRO Editions. The FREE edition is included in sample data installation package with function limitation. You only can create 1 mobile template with limited displaying area.

Please click on buttons below to see how JSN Mobilize present a website on mobile devices:

Smart phones      Tablet

JSN Mobilize helps your website to achieve a better browsing experience by creating an elaborated mobile version for the site. This revolutionary extension guarantees to include a bunch of sophisticated features and enhancement while require minimum technical knowledge from users.


Multi-device Support


Not only smartphones are supported by JSN Mobilize, the recent innovation – tablets are also covered. Tablet usually has bigger screen and can receive more displaying area than phone. With JSN Mobilize you will have the separate layouts for phone and tablet which surely deliver the better device coverage for website’s mobile version.



Multi-OS Support


JSN Mobilize delivers the future-ready and mobile-friendly experience to your Joomla website by initiatively supporting multiple operation systems. In short explanation, your website should work and be viewed effortlessly on every screen solution horizontally and vertically. Your website will look awesome automatically on these operation systems (OS) below:

  • iOS (6.x and below, 7.x)
  • Android (2.2 - 2.3, 4.x)
  • Windows Mobile (6.x and below, 7.x, 8.x)
  • BlackBerry (5.x and below, 6x - 7x, 10x)
  • Others...



Load Speed Enhancement


Get the most out of JSN Mobilize with the Advanced Image Optimization based on two options including “For the best performance” or “For the best image quality”. Additionally, the CSS/JS minify mechanism allows to compress all files into one single package. By that way, your site load will quickly enough in a limited-bandwidth environment at least 170%. Below is the speed test by akamai.

Please click on buttons below to check the detailed information about PRO Edition's features of JSN Mobilize:

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Here should be the presentation of JSN UniForm,
but it is not installed on your website.

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The form you see on this website is the Free Edition of another cool product JSN UniForm from JoomlaShine. Please click on the below button to check the PRO Edition of this extension.

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JSN UniForm will bring you the new indulgence since you find out it is the easiest-to-use form extension for your site. Contact us, survey and job application are just some of thousand forms that this single extension can help you to create and control. Besides the intuitive drag-n-drop operation, flexible form presentation and multiple pages layout, JSN UniForm also assists you to deeply understand your collected data with the multiple admins email notification, clean result display or submission filter.

Below is the survey form created by the Free Edition of JSN UniForm.

  • Προσπάθειες διάσωσης της σφυριάς

Γίνονται προσπάθειες για να διασωθεί η σφυριά. Κάθε χρόνο διοργανώνεται φεστιβάλ διάδοσης και διάσωσης της σφυριχτής γλώσσας. Επιστημονικές ημερίδες, προβολή βίντεο, σφυριχτές και απλός κόσμος συμμετέχουν στην προσπάθεια που γίνεται για να μη χαθεί αυτή η σπάνια μορφή επικοινωνίας


  • Παγκόσμια μορφή επικοινωνίας


    Έχει πλέον αποδειχθεί ότι η σφυριά είναι μια παγκόσμια γλώσσα. Έλληνες και ξένοι σφυριχτές ένωσαν τις δυνάμεις τους στην τελευταία επιστημονική ημερίδα που έλαβε χώρα στο χωριό Αντιά και κατόπιν στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Καρύστου. Εκεί απεδείχθη ότι δεν υπάρχουν όρια στην εκμάθηση και στην κατανόηση της σφυριάς.


  • Εκμάθηση σφυριχτής γλώσσας

Αν και υπήρξαν αντικρουόμενες απόψεις στο κατά πόσο μπορεί να μάθει κάποιος τη σφυριχτή γλώσσα, αυτό τελικά απεδείχθη ότι ισχύει και ότι η σφυριχτή γλώσσα είναι μια μορφή επικοινωνίας όπου με μεθοδικότητα και επιμονή κάποιος μπορεί να μάθει να μιλάει σφυρίζοντας. Δείτε στα βίντεο της ιστοσελίδας πως αυτό έγινε με δύο νέα παιδιά από τη Σύρο.. 

Here, wed like to show you how JSN Mico can be utilized for multiple kinds of websites, staring from simple personal website ending with professional news portal. All content are fictions and serves for demo purpose only.

  • News Portal / Online magazine
  • Personal website / Blog
  • Corporate website / Service providers
  • Community website / Fan clubs
  • Online shops

Here are some real life examples of JSN Mico.

Beautiful Design

JSN Mico has incredibly beautiful clean design with ultra flexible layout built-up from 28 module positions. The combination of 6 colors variation, 5 menu styles and 6 module styles results in a really remarkable website. In addition, super rich typography makes your content look stunning and clear for all users.

Read more: Layout - Colors Variation - Menu Styles - Typography - Module Styles Font Styles.

Stable Feature Rich Core

For us, JSN Mico is not just a template, but whole piece of software for which we spent more then 2 years. As the result you get ultra stable template with native RTL support and flawlessly running on IE6. Even more than that, there are multiple SEO & Accessibility features which make your website greatly visible for both search engines and people with disabilities.

Read more: RTL Layout Support - IE6 Support - SEO & Accessibility - Flash Gallery.

Dead-easy Configuration

You will be surprised how such a capable template can be so easily handled. Majority of template features are conveniently managed by over 40 template parameters. You dont have to be a CSS master or PHP guru. Just set parameters as you want and enjoy the result.

Read more: Template Parameters.

Outstanding Docs & Support

Even when the template is deadly easy to use, we still provide very comprehensive documentation package of 3 PDF documents. So its really hard to get things done wrong, but if even so, you can get timely and professional support from our team as well as friendly community.

Next Step: Download template documentation for free.

Cost Effective Solution

All the benefits is available for you for just 29$. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a solution that in turns must bring you much more profit. Even more, we provide 30-days money back guarantee, so this is absolutely risk-free. Just give it a try and you wont look back.

Next Step: Download JSN Mico.

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JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to....

The image gallery you see on this website is the Free Edition of another cool product JSN ImageShow....

JSN UniForm will bring you the new indulgence since you find out it is the easiest-to-use form...

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